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people be more religious!

2009-03-29 11:08:05 by klan

I mean ou should go to church more.
It's fun.
And god forgives you aeeverything!

so... i am banned from the bbs...

2009-02-23 15:17:16 by klan

Now I want you to vote what I should do next.:

[ ]-Go find some other stuff to do you bastard
[ ]-Go and kill yourself

I'm out of this

2009-02-10 11:14:40 by klan

I 'll never participate with halotomato again
Those stealing bastards...
I quit the Burstfilmscrew....
Theyre stealing movies everybody they suck whistle on them
there names are Halotomato Peterfox and mizmoz they suck becoz they are steal flash-swfs

Lol funny pic of my last vaca.

2009-02-05 10:24:31 by klan

these were times

Lol funny pic of my last vaca.

Klan's first post

2009-02-05 10:09:01 by klan

Well that's who I am i like rock music sort of...
kinda play guittar either though...