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I'm out of this

2009-02-10 11:14:40 by klan

I 'll never participate with halotomato again
Those stealing bastards...
I quit the Burstfilmscrew....
Theyre stealing movies everybody they suck whistle on them
there names are Halotomato Peterfox and mizmoz they suck becoz they are steal flash-swfs


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2009-02-10 12:02:40

Well done; that was the right thing to do. If you want to help me and a few of my friends take them down you're free to do so, too.


2009-02-10 12:33:12

I call this bullshit.

Sign-Up Date: 2/5/09

You still look kinda suspicious.


2009-02-10 15:43:44

Hey. It seems like they've stopped. I was talking to Halo earlier about it, and since then the Flashes have disappeared. I presume that it isn't Wade, as their accounts are still intact.

klan responds:

Nah. PeterFox, the1manwiththeplan and mizmoz are still there.
mizmoz has the swf converter and peterfox just added the music


2009-02-12 14:25:02

+1 comment for you because you found the original version of the game BurstFilmsCrew stole. :3


2009-02-21 13:45:00

They sound kinda cool. I wanna join em!